Bo Kwang Zen Center (Saint Louis)

Bo Kwang Zen Center is the head temple of the Boundless Buddha Zen Society. Founded in 2010 by the Ven. Hae Won Sunim and is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Located in South St.Louis in a residential neighborhood, we have transformed this house into a place of meditation and community. Bo Kwang Zen Center consists of two parts, the main house which is the residence of our guiding teacher Ven. Hae Won Sunim, and a meditation hall located behind the main house.

**Bo Kwang Zen Center is the residence of our teacher the Ven. Hae Won Sunim.  If you wish to come to the center outside of public services, workshops, or temple events you must have an appointment.  Please do not disturb Sunim at his home without arranging a meeting/visit before hand.** 





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