Bhikkhu Haewon’s Zen Teacher


Ven. Jongmae Sunim  (Unsa Sunim)                                  

Patriarch of America-Europe Parish Former Bishop of the Overseas Parish for the Taego Order of Korean Buddhism, he is the founder of the Institute of Buddhist Studies Austria (IBS) and the International Mook Rim Society. From 1995 to 2004 he was a Faculty Fellow and Buddhist Director at the University of Southern California and, since 2007, he has held a professorship at Loyola Marymount University—a Jesuit Catholic university.


Ven. Jaguang Kunsunim (Ganwha Seon Teacher)

Jaguang Kunsunim is a fully ordained Bhikkuni. She began her zen practice in 1975 as a resident of a small Korean zen center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 1978 she traveled to South Korea to train under Zen Master Kusan Sunim in Songwangsa Monastery, joining the Bulil International community. Her purpose in going to Korea was to experience genuine, traditional zen training under a true master. From 1986 through 2010 she worked with and studied under Ven. Hyunoong Sunim, a Korean zen monk and disciple of Master Kusan Sunim. In 1986 she accompanied him to Canada as his translator, assistant, and student. Together they established zen centers in Vancouver, BC, Seattle WA, and, from 1991 to 2010, in Berkeley CA. During these years she served as Ven. Hyunoong Sunim’s translator for his dharma talks, and during the zen retreats which they conducted together in various locations around the USA. In 2008 Hyunoong Sunim returned to Korea to open the Sixth Ancestor Temple in Seoul, and he continues to reside and teach there today. Jaguang Sunim returned to Korea in 2010 to go into retreat, living in a rural mountain hermitage near a small temple and doing intensive zen practice. During her final year in Korea, she was asked to teach zen at Mugaksa, a large temple in the city of Gwangju. She taught one class in the Korean language to Korean supporters of the temple, and another class in English to local foreigners residing in Gwangju. Late in 2014 she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to reopen the doors of the zen center. The Sixth Ancestor Temple in Seoul and the Sixth Ancestor Zen Center in Oakland CA are sister temples.

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