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Venerable Hae Won Sunim  




Buddhist Monk/Founder/Spiritual Director 

Venerable Hae Won or as he is referred to by students, Sunim, is a fully ordained Bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) as well as the founder, abbot, and spiritual director of Boundless Buddha Zen Society. He has studied and practiced Korean Seon (Zen) Buddhism since 1997. He started his journey by studying with Samu Sunim in Chicago. He then went to Korea to practice in Kyol Che at Hwa-Gye Sa Temple in Seoul. It was there that he realized that he wanted to devote his life to the study and practice of the dharma. When he returned from Seoul, he studied and lived at Yuk Jo Sa temple in Berkeley California as a student of Ven. Hyunoong Sunim. (Hyunoong Sunim is a Korean Zen master as well as a Taoist Master born in South Korea. He is a Dharma heir of Seon (Zen) Master Ku San Sunim.) Venerable Hae Won then went to stay in Korea with Hyunoong Sunim at a temple that he had just established to study and practice as a novice monk. In 2008, he discovered the Taego order and the Ven. Dr. Jongmae Park. Venerable Haewon is in graduate school working on his Masters In Divinity with plans to do chaplaincy/pastoral care work in the St. Louis area. Venerable also serves on the cabinet & board of directors for the Interfaith Partnership of Greater St.Louis.  Venerable Haewon is also the co-founder of the Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Ministry.  A new educational program dedicated to expanding the education of Buddhist clergy, helping them meet the demands of Buddhist clergy in the West.  Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Ministry focuses on traditional Buddhist academic study with equal emphasis on pastoral care/chaplaincy.


Ven. Bup Mee Sunim




Buddhist Monk/Director of Clergy Education

Ven. Bup Mee (Kevin Hickey) M.A., is a fully ordained Zen Buddhist priest (Bhikkhu) and is President and Co-Founder of The Institute for Contemporary Buddhist Ministry. Ven. Bup Mee holds a graduate degree in Linguistic Theory and undergraduate degrees in Political Science/East Asian Studies and Buddhist Studies. Ven. Bup Mee has spent extensive time studying and working in China, Japan, and South Korea.

Ven. Bup Mee is a faculty member of Oakland University and serves as Lecturer in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Program and Religious Studies Program. Ven. Bup Mee has further served as a regular special guest lecturer for the Oakland University William Beaumont Medical School and is a Clinical Instructor for the M1 Spirituality Rounds.

Ven. Bup Mee is also the staff Palliative Care Chaplain for Beaumont Health (Royal Oak), where he leads several meditation programs, including a weekly mindfulness meditation program for those persons hospitalized in acute inpatient psychiatric care. Ven. Bup Mee has been active in the Detroit metropolitan interfaith community, serving as a founding board member and conference organizer for The Institute of Engaged Hospitality and has made several appearances on the local PBS affiliate television program Interfaith Odyssey.

Ven. Bup Mee is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree from Madonna University in Hospice & Palliative Studies (MSHP).

Ven. Bup Mee is passionate and dedicated to innovative and contemporary approaches to Buddhist ministry with a particular focus on the theory and practice of spiritual care, communication and language, inter-religious relationships, and end-of-life dynamics.


Rev. Myo Yeon Bupsanim




Zen Priest/President 

Rev. Myo Yeon received Zen Priest ordination in Boundless Buddha Zen Society from Venerable Hae Won Sunim on March 26, 2017.

Rev. Myo Yeon or Bupsanim as he is known to the Sangha has been practicing Zen since 2012 and Samatha meditation since 2010. Under the guidance of Venerable Haewon, Rev. Myo Yeon took the Five Lay Precepts in March 2014 at Bo Kwang Zen Center.

Rev. Myo Yeon is a co-author of the Center for Social Development’s (CSD’s) Financial Capability and Asset Building Curriculum for Professional Education- a post-secondary curriculum for social workers and human service professionals- and oversees its pilot implementation and evaluation at social work programs across the U.S. Prior to joining CSD, Rev. Myo Yeon worked in commercial finance, where he was responsible for the operations and personnel management of three banking centers. Rev. Myo Yeon holds a BS in Business Administration from Hampton University and a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Michigan.


Rev. Bup In Bupsanim


Dharma Teacher/Vice President

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