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How to become a member of Boundless Buddha Zen Society

Ananda, the Buddha’s long-time personal attendant and monk-disciple, asks Buddha:”Master, is it true what has been said, that good spiritual friends are fully half of the holy life?”The Master replied, “No, Ananda, good spiritual friends are the whole of the holy life. Find refuge in the sangha.

An old teaching observes that when a glowing coal is set out on the ground alone, it slowly goes out, but when several glowing coals are arranged together, they burst into flame. As a Zen community, we feel that way about our mutual practice, and we support each other in it. The Centers are, of course, the focal point for our groups, and we invite you to join us as a member. You must have attended the Zen for beginner’s class to become a member.

Boundless Buddha Zen Society Membership benefits are:

  • Recorded dharma talks by contemporary Zen masters (monthly)
  • Access to all public services at both Zen Centers
  • Access to all Sundo (Taoist yoga) practice (coming soon)
  • Full Moon Intensive practice (monthly)
  • Access to our lending library
  • Discounted retreats
  • Discounted Classes and Workshop
  • Invitation to members meetings (twice a year)
  • Access to the meditation hall for personal practice (by appointment)
  • Personal interviews/training with a Zen teacher (by appointment)

If you would like to join, you may fill out our Member Application then click on the subscribe button below or mail your check to the center directly please make checks payable to Bo Kwang Zen Center.

imageOf course, the financial viability of the Society is critical, so we ask members to commit to minimum monthly dues of $25.00. Some members prefer to pay per quarter; some pay annually; some pay a great deal more. You are, of course, welcome to join us in sitting whether you can afford to pay dues or not; in that case, we ask a minimum donation of $5  per visit. But be assured you are always welcome whether you can give financially or not.

All membership dues and donations are tax deductible.

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