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Healing the Source provides anyone on a spiritual path, or that is concerned with their mental and physical health an invaluable recourse to live healthier, happier lives. Jaguang Sunim uses traditional holistic Chinese and Korean medicine called Sasang Constitutional Medicine. Sasang is rooted in Chinese five element theory, which informs us of our natural body constitution. Then provides us with a detailed list food and drink that is compatible and beneficial as well as foods to avoid that have/are creating imbalances that manifest as physical and mental illness.

“I was first introduced to Sasang Constitutional Medicine and Jaguang Sunim in 2003, when I was 23 years old. I had moved to the Sixth Patriarch Zen Center in Berkeley to study and practice Zen. At that time I suffered from Asthma, Ulcerative Colitis as well as some other ailments. Jaguang Sunim asked me if I would like to do the Sasang Constitutional chart to help with my health issues, and I agreed. Right away she knew the cause of my issues, and gave me the food list to follow. However like most 23 year old men, I felt immortal. My health concerns were not even concerns for me. All I wanted to do was practice Zen. Jaguang Sunim was so patient and explained the link between health and spiritual practice, but my independent and sometimes stubborn nature would not hear it, which did not surprise her as she already knew of my independent and stubborn tendencies from my Sasang Constitutional Chart.

Twelve years later at 34, I had come to the inescapable realization that I was not immortal and the issues that I had when I was 23 were only made worse by time, and neglect of my health. I asked Jaguang Sunim to look at my original chart and go over it again with me (since it had been so long and I had forgotten) so I could start to take responsibility for my health. With compassion and a genuine care for my health, she happily agreed.

Since I have been following the Body Constitution Diet, I have found that the symptoms from ailments I suffer from have greatly decreased and in some cases have disappeared. I also have found that I have much more energy, and I am sleeping better than I have in my life, and my Zen practice has improved exponentially. and this is only six months into the diet.

I hope anyone that is reading this that is practicing a spiritual path or not, realize the importance of your health. I truly hope that it does not take you twelve years, like it did for me to realize that our health is one of the most important things we have. By making more informed diet decisions you can completely change our life.”

-Ven. Bhikkhu Haewon

If you wish to begin the path to health and would like more information on Sassang Body Constitution, Jaguang Sunim, Chinese Five Element Theory, or to order your personal body constitution and diet please go to:



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