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imageWe welcome all persons to take part in our services, classes, and events regardless of the faith tradition, or absence of one, they carry with them. The core values of Buddhism and the spiritual practice [pullquote]Before seeing, before feeling, and before thinking: What is the mind?  -Zen Master Kusan Sunim[/pullquote]of meditation are conducive to enhancing any other spiritual tradition and its practices. Generally speaking, those unfamiliar with Buddhist practices should plan on attending a Sunday morning service.

When attending a service, we recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that don’t bind in the thighs or knees. Ideally, clothing will be more muted in color so as not to distract.  Please wear or bring socks with you to the meditation hall.  Socks are always required in the meditation hall.

Space is sometimes limited, so RSVP is mandatory to attend any of our services, classes, or workshops.  You may do so by joining our Facebook page and RSVP there.  The Facebook page will have the current dates, times and locations for services. 

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Public Services

Public Zen Service’s

We begin our service with ringing the bell 33 times. Followed by the Heart Sutra chanted in English. We will then sit in meditation for a 45-minute session (we also have chairs for those that need them). We will end the service with a short talk/discussion and/or question/answer session.

Donation $5

Full Moon Service

The historical Buddha woke up on a night of a full moon.  So each month on the full moon, we do intensive chanting, intensive meditation practice as well as prostrations (full bows to the floor).  This is a great way to invigorate and strengthen your meditation practice.  We suggest that you have taken the Zen for Beginners class or have attended a few public services before attending this service as it is an intensive service and little to no instruction will be given.

Donation $10

**We also offer monthly membership option.  Becoming a member gives you access to all of our public services at both Zen Centers, Full moon Service (monthly), monthly recorded dharma talks, personal interviews with Sunim, and our Zen and Buddhist text reading group (monthly).   It also offers access to dharma hall for personal practice outside of normal services (by appointment) etc…  Please go to “Become a Member” for membership requirements and full list of member benefits.**   

Workshops, Retreats & Ceremonies

To view dates and attend any of our workshops or retreats you must RSVP on our event calendar.   

Beginners Zen Course

In this class introduces you to the principles and practice of Zen meditation.  We will cover proper sitting postures, hand placement, technique.  We will also cover common misconceptions about Zen meditation, and the proper way to start a sitting meditation practice.  Participants will also receive an audio dharma talk covering the basics of a meditation practice.  This is a beginning level class and a great way to start a meditation practice regardless of your faith tradition.  Offered monthly.

Cost: $30

Day Retreat

A retreat is an excellent way to look at your inner self and to grow spiritually.  This retreat is usually held on a Sunday.  It goes from 10am-3pm. This retreat consists of 30 minutes meditation periods followed by short bathroom breaks or silent walking meditation for 10 minutes in 3-hour blocks.  We will have a formal lunch provided by the temple.  You must have attended the Zen for beginners class or have meditation experience to attend this retreat.  Lunch is traditional monastic style lunch (4 bowl ceremony) having a bowl set or purchase of the bowl set is a requirement to attend.  You must purchase the bowl set in advance it takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks to receive.  Offered quarterly.

Cost: $60 Non-member          $35 Student (with valid student ID)


Precepts Ceremony

1948113_673146509408584_28762200_nTaking 5 lay precepts are for persons who wish to publicly and formally declare their intention that the Precepts and the compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness which they encompass will guide them in their daily lives and interactions with all beings.  This ceremony formally confirms your commitment to Buddha-Dharma and your meditation practice.  Participants are given a Buddhist name, a certificate, and a neck mala.  Offered annually or bi-annually depending on demand.

We also offer by appointment:

  • Spiritual Counseling 
  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services

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